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Industrial Solutions

TTESwitch Chronos 18/6 Rugged & TTESwitch Chronos 18/6 Cert

TTE-Switch Chronos

This 24-port rugged switches from TTTech enables hard real-time operation in Ethernet based distributed systems and critical infrastructure networks.

TTEDevelopment System

TTE-Development System

This quick, easy way to get started with TTTech's Deterministic Ethernet allows to flexibly configure a Deterministic Ethernet network to evaluate product and technology features.

TTEPCIe Card Rugged

TTE-PCIe Card Rugged

This PCIe Card from TTTech – the TTEPCIe Card Rugged - brings the full power of Deterministic Ethernet communication technology to the PCI express form factor.

TTEDevelopment Switch 1 Gbit/s 12 Ports

TTE-Development Switch 1 Gbit/s 12 Ports

This TTEthernet-based development switch supports 12 Ethernet ports running at a maximum of 1 Gbit/s in full-duplex mode at a processing bandwidth of 24 Gbit/s.