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TTTech and Esterel Technologies Enable All-in-One Design Solution for Distributed Systems in Modern Aircraft

TTTech, the leading supplier of solutions in the field of time-triggered systems, and Esterel Technologies, the worldwide leader of model-based design and verification tools for critical embedded systems, announce the availability of TTPSCADElink and SCADE TTA-Extension. This software interface tool is used for the seamless integration of TTTech’s TTPTools and Esterel Technologies’ SCADE Suite. TTPSCADElink is a powerful solution for the design of distributed control systems and software applications in more electric aircraft systems. It is currently evaluated by many aircraft equipment suppliers for the next generation of complex on-board systems.

"Thanks to the combination of TTPTools and SCADE, we have achieved an advanced project", says David Poiret, system engineer at Messier-Bugatti. "The result is a partitioned, safe and fault-tolerant architecture that enables an optimized certification of software application and middleware".

The SCADE TTA-Extension, delivered by Esterel Technologies, enables the modeling of a fault-tolerant, communication-based, distributed system. The architecture, the functional behavior and the data exchange requirements are specified at SCADE model level to generate the whole embedded distributed software.

TTPSCADElink, provided by TTTech, enables the use of TTPTools for the automatic scheduling of communication and tasks. High-level communication requirements, time budget and task schedule are automatically computed to generate the dedicated, time-triggered middleware.

The TTPTools and SCADE Suite create a comprehensive development environment that enables cost-effective engineering, formal verification and safe mapping on to the distributed hardware of complex integrated aircraft systems; importantly systems that are certified to DO-178B up to
level A. The complete qualification package compromises the SCADE KCG qualification kit and the TTTech qualification data for software components and communication controller.

Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP) is an aerospace control system platform technology that has been selected for electric systems in Boeing 787, environmental control systems in Airbus A380, and Honeywell’s Modular Aerospace Control (MAC) platform.

"The TTP technology allows software designers to overcome the exponential complexity growth of aircraft embedded systems," says Eric Bantégnie, president and CEO of Esterel Technologies. "The SCADE and TTPTools integration reduces the burden of certification, including late changes to the embedded code, wherever it is dispatched".

SCADE Suite and SCADE Display aligned in the SCADE Certified Software Factory form the only integrated and industrialized tool suite to span algorithm, logic and displays design and to merge formal verification and certified code generation.

"SCADE is a unique model-based development environment that satisfies the safety objectives of the DO-178B standard," states Dr. Stefan Poledna, CEO of TTTech. "The combination of TTTech’s tools and Esterel Technologies’ SCADE enables significant improvements in the development, formal verification and integration of distributed embedded software applications for modern aerospace."

About Esterel Technologies S.A.
Esterel Technologies is the worldwide leader of model-based design and verification tools for critical embedded systems. SCADE Suite is the market leading, model-based development environment dedicated to safety-critical embedded software:

  • DO-178B qualified up to level A for Military and Aerospace Industries
  • IEC 61508 certified for all SIL levels by TÜV for Heavy Equipment, and Energy
  • EN 50128 certified for all SIL levels by TÜV for Rail Transportation

SCADE Display is the leading edge embedded graphics design environment dedicated to safety-critical display systems, DO-178B qualified up to level A for Military and Aerospace Industries. SCADE Drive is the market leading, model-based development environment dedicated to safety-critical automotive embedded software, MISRA C compliant, IEC 61508 certified for all SIL levels by TÜV.

Esterel Studio is the market leading, front-end design and verification suite for control-intensive hardware IP. Esterel Studio delivers the full benefits of ESL synthesis with automated RTL/C/SystemC code production from a single and formally verified Esterel Studio IP executable specification. Esterel Technologies is a privately held company with headquarters in Elancourt, France and Mountain View, California, USA, and with direct sales offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, and China.

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