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TTTech at the 2nd TSNA Conference in San Jose

TTTech will be present at the 2nd global Conference on Time Sensitive Networks and Applications (TSNA) in San Jose, demonstrating the combination of Deterministic Ethernet including TSN with OPC UA Pub/Sub for Industrial Internet. “TTTech is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the 2nd annual AVnu TSNA conference. This event provides a fantastic opportunity to show the strength of the alliances being built between major industrial and automotive companies that are backing TSN as an Internet of Things communication standard,” says Georg Kopetz, TTTech’s co-founder and executive board member. Georg Kopetz will also hold the closing keynote at the conference, talking about “Creating Market Momentum with Deterministic Ethernet and TSN in Key IoT Industries”.

We will be demonstrating Guarantee of Service through TSN, featuring our product “DEStarter Kit with TSN” for OPC UA users. Furthermore, TTTech’s Stefan Rebernig will be talking about “Enabling Real-Time OPC UA Publish/Subscribe with TSN”. The 2nd TSNA conference will take place in San Jose, California, from April 12-13. This conference will give an overview of both current and emerging Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards. Keynotes include presentations from Cisco, Intel and TTTech. More about the conference can be found at the TSNA website and in our event calendar