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AFDXSwitch 3U VPX Rugged

The rugged AFDX switch for hard real-time data communication is an ultra-light, conduction cooled, high-performance Ethernet switch for robust, reliable networks.

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AFDXSwitch A600 Pro

This high-performance 24-port switch is certifiable to civil aerospace standards and supports bandwidth-regulated traffic filtering and policing.

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TTESwitch A664 A600 Pro

This high-speed deterministic Ethernet switch enables critical network-centric applications in harsh environments and processing at all 24 ports with full line speeds.

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AFDXPMC End System Pro

The AFDX end system enables safety-critical data transfer between a computer and an AFDX switch and these COTS products are available in various form factors.

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TTESwitch 3U VPX

The TTESwitch 3U VPX is a robust deterministic Ethernet switch for aircraft and in-vehicle electronics designed to meet the challenges of harsh environments.

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TTEPMC Card Rugged

This ruggedized deterministic Ethernet network interface card for harsh environments enables hard real-time operation in distributed systems based on Ethernet networks.

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This TTPController, a standard product from austriamicrosystems, is an integrated device which implements functionalities and features according to SAE AS6003.

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TTPStar Coupler

The TTPStar Coupler allows building a star architecture with optimized fault-tolerant features, resulting in an architecture with higher availability.

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