Thales - Railway Signalling

TTTech and the Thales Rail Signalling Solutions division cooperated on the design of electronic interlocking systems. The LockTrac 6131 ELEKTRA makes operation and monitoring both safer and easier. It has a modular system architecture and is based on modern microprocessor technology. Approved according to CENELEC standards, the system achieves SIL 4 (Safety Integrity Level 4). Furthermore, it offers basic interlocking functions, local and remote control, automatic train operation and an integrated diagnosis system.

The field element control of Thales’s advanced electronic interlocking system is based on TTTech’s time-triggered solutions based on TTP. TTP enables continuous communication of all connected nodes via redundant data buses at predefined periods of time. By means of TTP, effective fault handling mechanisms and data consistency services were implemented to provide new levels of safety and reliability.

LockTrac 6131 ELEKTRA has been in commercial production since 2002 and is now widely utilized in Europe. The electronic interlocking system has been installed by the Austrian Railways and the Swiss Federal Railways. The Hungarian Railways have, in their attempt to modernize the national railway network, awarded Thales with contracts to deliver the TTP based signaling solution along some major lines.

TTTech Thales Casestudy ELEKTRA

"We rely on TTP in the LockTrac 6131 ELEKTRA electronic interlocking system because this fault-tolerant deterministic communication bus provides the most reliable real-time foundation."