Standardized Control Platform for Snow Groomers by TTControl

Developing a control platform for snow groomers is a challenging task: these technically demanding vehicles operate under harsh conditions and need to execute complex control functions. PRINOTH selected TTControl to develop a standardized control platform complying with the highest quality, safety and performance requirements while reducing development, production and after-sales costs. This challenging and complex task was tackled in a joint development process in order to fully comply with the customer’s needs.

TTControl supplied PRINOTH with controllers and I/O modules ranging from simple models with 30 inputs and outputs to complex controllers with over 100 I/Os, programming the application software to ensure a high degree of standardization. The operator interface HY-eVision2 with a focus on user friendliness, easy maintenance and cost-effective development of graphical HMIs makes sure that the vehicles can be operated with utmost comfort and precision. Find out more about this project in our PRINOTH Case Study.

Project & References