The next-generation spacecraft will trace the boundary of state of the art. One system will need to control and communicate with all other systems. Any anomalies must be identified, isolated, diagnosed and repaired.

Objective of the ISAACC (Integrated Safety-Critical Advanced Avionics Communication and Control) project is to create an avionics architecture suitable for control and monitoring of manned spacecraft. ISAACC’s integrated vehicle health management system will constantly monitor every subsystem for problems and needs to operate with real-time capabilities.

ISAACC consists of a new communication and control protocol combined with intelligent components such as transducers, actuator controllers, and power switches to provide an advanced and unprecedented spacecraft communication and control system.

Furthermore, data rates must be maintained while implementing fault detection, isolation and recovery algorithms with safety-critical accuracies. The core of this system comprises the data communication protocol TTP. It allows all modules in a system to see all data all the time and delivers improved data flow and redundancy management. NASA conducted a databus study that compares communication architectures for spacecraft modular avionics systems. TTTech delivered software and hardware to evaluate TTP based ISAACC architectures.

"TTP at the heart of ISAACC provides an extremely high level of safety, reliability, autonomy, and reconfigurability."