Shaping the Convergence of IT and Industry

Hans-Werner Auberg from Softing and Georg Stöger from TTTech in a Tech Talk on the OPC UA Pub/Sub model, real-time requirements and the upcoming IEEE TSN Standard

Deterministic Unified Ethernet with Synchronous & Asynchronous Traffic

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  • Discrete Manufacturing 
  • Process Automation
  • Safety Systems

Shaping the Convergence of IT and Industry

TTTech is breaking the mould when it comes to control solutions for manufacturing. With product platforms that combine traditional controls functionality with secure access to cloud services and Deterministic Ethernet connectivity, TTTech delivers simple and effective ways to bring IoT to manufacturing systems.

Component makers, machine builders and end users are all looking to join the next wave of industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0. TTTech is committed to getting them there, helping customers to achieve their goals of smarter automation, better data access and more flexible manufacturing. Commercially this means new service based business models, faster time to market and lower production costs.

Open Communication and Cloud Services for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 relies on open and standard platforms that allow machines and applications from different vendors to freely interoperate. TTTech offers deterministic networking products with OPC UA and IEEE TSN integrated to enable open, real-time machine-to-machine communication.

Open communication is also extending from machine-to-cloud. TTTech offers edge computing and control products that safely and securely deliver cloud services such as remote management, analytics and visualization to machines at the edge of the network.