Shaping the future of open and autonomous industry

Manufacturing is in the midst of a technology revolution, as innovation is being driven by the need to increase productivity in the face of uncertainty and rising costs. Government initiatives such as ‘Industrie 4.0’ and ‘Made in China 2025’ have been announced to support this innovation, and specifically to build upon the concept of the Industrial Internet of Things.

The foundational principle of Industrial IoT is the connection of industrial devices, which enables machine data to be shared and accessed more openly in order to improve production efficiencies, reduce system costs and lower maintenance efforts. This principle also lies at the heart of TTTech Industrial’s product development for the manufacturing market.

Nerve is an industrial edge computing platform that delivers flexibility and openness. Nerve products provide a software infrastructure for the plant floor and the cloud that enables users to access data, manage devices and deploy applications remotely.

Slate is a deterministic networking platform that provides a comprehensive OPC UA over TSN solution. Slate products include IP solutions and network configuration software that enable users to quickly integrate TSN features into components, and easily build OPC UA over TSN networks.