Driving the Digitalization of Safe Energy Production

Improving Environmental Sustainability with Solutions for High-Availability Applications

Advanced Wind Turbine Control Architecture

High Availability Distributed Control System with integrated safety used by Vestas

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TTTech Solutions for Advanced Wind Turbines

This use case illustrates the implementation of TTTech's embedded platform solutions in advanced wind turbine control systems

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TTTech Solutions for Advanced Wind Turbines

TTTech Solutions for Integrated Substation

This use case illustrates the implementation of networking solutions from TTTech for integrated substation

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Networking Solutions for Integrated Substation

Driving the Digitalization of Safe Energy Production

TTTech is leading the digital revolution in control systems for energy production. By taking a radical approach to converging safety and control functions, TTTech delivers simple solutions that work to optimize production output.

Energy companies are constantly trying to reduce the overall cost of production. Utilities are looking for smarter substation automation and more efficient load balancing throughout the energy grid. A common factor across these examples is the importance of safety, both from a process and system point of view.

TTTech addresses each of these concerns with the High-Availability DCS product platform. Functional integration of control, protection and safety results in a tremendous reduction in overall system complexity. Safety and high-availability are baked in to every aspect of system design offering increased availability whilst ensuring safe operation.

Optimizing Processes and Ensuring Safety

Using best-in-class Deterministic Ethernet technology from TTTech, hundreds of critical control, protection and other functions can be integrated without being affected by network workload, rogue components or denial-of-service cyber-attacks. This enables customers to have unconstrained access to machine and grid data for use in optimizing and automating processes.

Functional safety is a core focus for TTTech. Products and solutions are strictly designed, integrated, verified and certified according to SIL 2 and SIL 3 standard guidelines.