Guarantee of Service for Real-Time IoT

Deterministic Ethernet + Internet of Things = Guarantee of Service

Guarantee of Service for IoT

With Deterministic Ethernet, TTTech delivers the guarantees that enable the application of the Internet of Things to hard real-time systems. Deterministic Ethernet products from TTTech are designed with inherent guarantees for safe and secure communication, meeting safety standards such as IEC 61508. This intrinsic guarantee means that even multiple or complex networks can be converged to a single network without compromising safety or security levels.

We Call This Guarantee of Service for IoT

By utilizing the mechanisms that guarantee performance in critical systems, new modes of networking can start to emerge.  Divergent functions such as control, video, voice and data can now be converged onto one deterministic network. Control functions can be virtualized away from restrictive machine environments and real-time machine data can be accessed safely and securely.

Selected additional benefits of Guarantee of Service

  • Build more flexible and performant systems faster
  • Maximize up-time and cut total cost of ownership
  • Innovate to realize new services and revenues

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Real-Time Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the megatrend resulting from the integration of the internet with the physical world. Connected devices and machines are completely transforming our lives and the way we do business. Big data and analytics are enabling ground-breaking products & services and intelligent infrastructure is being created for smarter cities, buildings and vehicles.

What Is the Real-Time Internet of Things?

Hard real-time networking and control are traditionally fields in which safety, security and guaranteed operation are key requirements. Such systems have typically remained closed or only semi-open to the wider internet network. The real-time IoT is the trend that will drive the application of IoT connectivity to hard real-time systems. For example: Wind turbines that are precisely controlled in hard real-time over the same infrastructure as data is being transmitted and analyzed remotely, autonomous cars that are controlled in-vehicle but can also interact with their physical environment, and robots that are able to safely move around factory floors and work together with the human workforce.

Deterministic Ethernet with TSN