Test Hardware

Test Hardware

Our test hardware is based on the time-triggered protocol TTP and includes the TTPMonitoring Node, the TTPSimultate PCI and PCIe and the TTPDisturbance Node.

TTPMonitoring Node

This standalone TTP/Ethernet gateway from TTTech for monitoring and downloads of network data to a TTP network uses an embedded real-time Linux variant.

TTPSimulate XMC/PCIe

TTPSimulate is a high-performance test system which enables the simulation of up to 4 TTP nodes in real-time, supporting speeds of 4 Mbit/s and 20 Mbit/s.

TTPSimulate PCI

The TTPSimulate PCI is a high-performance test system supporting hardware-in-the-loop simulation and design of complex distributed control systems.

TTPDisturbance Node

This fault injection device from TTTech enables fault injection into TTP based networks and systems, creating test scenarios to verify various aspects of a system.