Development Tools

Development Tools

TTTech’s development tools for the aerospace market are based on our core-technologies TTEthernet and TTP and include the solutions Load, View, Build and Plan.


TTEPlan is a TTEthernet/AFDX® network planning tool. Based on input provided as a system specification XML database, the TTEPlan tool creates the network configuration in a user-convenient way.


TTELoad is a Windows application suitable to configure a TTESwitch based on TTTech's TTEthernet switch IP that also supports bootstrap configurations of TTEswitches.


TTEBuild allows converting XML-based device configuration database files into binary configuration images required by the TTESwitches and the TTEEnd Systems.


TTech’s TTPPlan is a cluster design tool for definition and planning of communication in integrated system architectures with the time-triggered protocol TTP.


TTPLoad downloads application and system configuration data from a PC and sends it to a TTP network over an Ethernet/TTP gateway. It also allows quick system reconfiguration.


TTPView is a tool for monitoring and analysis of messages and frames sent among modules in a TTP network featuring flexible visualization instruments for reliability.


TTPBuild from TTTech is an efficient design tool that automatically creates a framework for software application design on one module or control unit.