Development Systems

Development Systems

TTTech offers development systems based on the time-triggered technology TTEthernet as well as development hardware based on the time-triggered protocol TTP.

TTEDevelopment System A664 for Linux

This TTEthernet development system supports the design of high-end systems. It supports a dual channel fault-tolerant system operating at gigabit speed.

TTEDevelopment System A664 for VxWorks 653

This development system supporting the ARINC 653 interface is a starter kit for integrating TTEthernet’s deterministic network technology with the operating system VxWorks 653.


TTPPowernode from TTTech is a basic prototyping module with TTP controller and processor hosts for developing deterministic distributed systems.


This prototyping card with stackable on-board modules for microprocessor, communication and physical provides flexibility and modularity in prototyping and evaluating.

TTPDevelopment Cluster

The TTPDevelopment Cluster from TTTech is a solution for rapid prototyping of modular and distributed integrated systems based on TTP.