Academic Partners

Laboratory Partner

Laboratory Partners are granted additional access to our hardware, software, and state-of-the-art materials. The idea is to enable students and faculty to get to know time-triggered technologies, e.g., by showing students a demo application in a laboratory. This is the easiest option for exploring the concepts of time-triggered technologies and getting into contact with TTTech, as no further commitment from the research institution is required.

Curriculum Partner

By joining the University and Research Program as Curriculum Partner, TTTech assures you the most favorable conditions for teaching purposes. The goal of this partnership is to further research and development in the field of time-triggered technologies.

This program type is aimed at supporting partners and their students in acquiring a deeper knowledge of time-triggered technologies and implementing innovative time-triggered concepts. By sharing ideas on the member platform, University & Research Partners and TTTech exchange know-how in the field of research activities. TTTech also benefits from this program, as the discussion of experiences provides us with valuable feedback about our technologies.

Project Partner

Our Project Partners benefit from the very reasonable pricing conditions of our University & Research Program. The idea of this type of partnership is to enable a close working relationship with TTTech, and to further research and development in the area of time-triggered technologies. These research projects may even cover joint interests and result in continued cooperation.

This most comprehensive partner option supports you and your team and/or students from the first contact with time-triggered technology up to an advanced application of time-triggered concepts. By sharing know-how and results on the member platform, University & Research Partners and TTTech exchange expertise in the field of research activities. Major results may also be communicated to the public through newsletters or press activities.

More Information

Please note that applications can only be submitted by a faculty member of an accredited university or comparable institution.

For more information please have a look at the flyer and the FAQs or contact us at