Become a TTTech University & Research Partner

University Programs

In order to promote the idea of time-triggered technology and mixed-criticality systems, we are inviting universities to become TTTech University & Research Partners. This program is aimed at advancing knowledge and research in the field of distributed embedded real-time systems. It is designed for non-profit research institutions only, and is free of charge.

Members benefit from considerable discounts on our products, service offerings, and support. Licenses and hardware are available for non-profit educational use. Students and professors may use our solutions for:

  • Courses in the area of time-triggered technology and related systems concepts
  • Graduate and undergraduate projects for various engineering and non-engineering courses
  • Academic research activities where results are publicly available
  • Graduate student theses

The University & Research Program allows students as well as faculty at colleges and universities to use TTTech's state-of-the-art hardware and software evaluation devices and tools for curricula and research projects.

Application Process

To apply as University & Research Partner or ask for academic pricing, please contact us at