Simplifying the Integration of Railway Systems

Staying on Track with Robust Embedded Platform Solutions in Advanced Railway Systems

TTTech Solutions for Railway Applications

This use case illustrates the implementation of embedded platform solutions from TTTech in advanced railway systems

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TTTech Solutions for Railway Applications


  • Integrated train systems
  • Railway signalling
  • Networked trackside infrastructure

Simplifying the Integration of Railway Systems

TTTech is bringing new levels of convergence to railway systems. Unifying control applications on one network results in train system architectures that are lighter, less complex, and minimize system lifecycle costs.

Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS) integrate control, safety and other functions by using fieldbuses and Ethernet-based networks. Train builders in search of further optimizing the TCMS are keen to converge separate systems wherever possible. Reducing system complexity can lead to lower space and weight requirements, improved reliability and a significant lowering of certification effort.

Reducing Complexity and Ensuring Safety

TTTech uses best-in-class Deterministic Ethernet technology to deliver solutions that support the creation of optimized and integrated system architectures.  Hundreds of critical control, protection and other functions can be integrated without being affected by network workload, rogue components or denial-of-service cyber-attacks.

By combining network convergence with safety control modules and real-time system design methodologies, TTTech system architects are able to design fail-operational Ethernet-based architectures supporting SIL 4. This means the next generation of optimized TCMS can be built with train controls and safety functions converged on one physical network.