Magna E-Car

Magna E-Car, as part of the electrification of the power train for an OEM, was confronted with the challenge of developing intrisically safe vehicle control units (VCUs) and inverters according to ASIL-C within a very short time frame. Further to this it was necessary to provide the first technology demonstrators with electronic components in an early phase of development. In order to be able to completely concentrate on the development of standard components, Magna E-Car commissioned TTTech Automotive to implement the intrinsic safety of the electric power train based on an existing solution.

The Torque Supervising Unit (TSU) is an add-on monitoring unit, which, by evaluating the electrical signals from different individual components in the power train, calculates the effective torque and continuously monitors it by comparing it with the desired torque. In case of failure, this monitoring control unit transfers the entire system to a safe state.

Because of its flexibility (variably configurable I/Os), the TSU is suitable for use in various safely-relevant applications, and has already been built into a fleet of more than one hundred electric cars.