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Our product filters allow you to quickly find solutions, for example according to technology. The icons next to the products in the overview indicate the industry.


The TTTech AFDX - ARINC 664 product portfolio includes flight and rugged hardware, switches, end systems, software tools and testing and verification solutions.

Deterministic Ethernet

TTTech’s Deterministic Ethernet solutions include switches and related products for deterministic networking and control.


Our IoT solutions deliver the guarantees that enable the application of the Internet of Things to hard real-time systems.


TTTech offers deterministic networking products supporting IEEE TSN to enable open, real-time machine-to-machine communication.


TTEthernet, the core technology of our TTEthernet products, is a scalable, open real-time Ethernet platform used for safety-related applications.


TTTech offers solutions based on the time-triggered communication protocol TTP that enables reliable distributed computing and networking at lower lifecycle costs.