Advanced Connectivity Platform TTConnect 616

TTConnect 616 is an advanced connectivity platform that combines and manages all in-vehicle interfaces such as CAN-FD, Flexray, LIN and Ethernet. Its wealth of interfaces is complemented by advanced traffic management software and support for Time Sensitive Networking protocols, making TTConnect 616 the ideal solution for future-proof vehicle architectures where different types of traffic must converge and operate in a safe and reliable manner.

Supported Use Cases

  • Ethernet switch: High bandwidth backbone between ECUs, HMIs and cameras using Time-Sensitive Networking protocols
    • First device of its kind to support advanced Ethernet technologies including AVB, TSN and Time-Triggered Ethernet in combination with BroadR-Reach® PHY

  • Fast access for service tools via widely available 100BASE-TX Ethernet
    • Fast SW updates, enhanced debugging, logging and diagnostic features

  • Inter-domain controller: Safe and reliable connection of different domains within a vehicle, allowing for real-time mixed-criticality networks with distributed control

  • ECU with integrated switch
    • Gateway between CAN, 100BASE-TX Ethernet, 100BASE-T1 BroadR-Reach®, LIN and FlexRay
    • Execution of customized applications
    • I/O control

TTConnect 616 was specifically developed for vehicles and machines used in rugged operating environments and at extreme operating temperatures. It is protected by a proven, robust and compact housing, specifically designed for the off-highway vehicle industry.