Automotive Electronic Control Units

Electronic Control Units

Customized ECUs

Customized electronic control units for the automotive market include the modular inverter-monitoring unit ISU as well as the platform control unit ePMU.

Inverter Safety Unit

The Inverter Safety Unit is a modular inverter-monitoring unit that monitors the generated torque by analyzing electrical signals at the electric motor.

electric Powertrain Monitoring Unit

The platform control unit ePMU enables flexible integration together with power inverters and DC/DC converters for different power rating.

Safety Control Module

The Safety Control Module, an ASIL C safety module for electric powertrains, is an independent torque monitoring device designed for direct motor mounting.

General Purpose ECUs

TTTech offers different general purpose electronic control units for the various needs in the automotive market, including the HY-TTC 500, HY-TTC 90 and HY-TTC 50.

HY-TTC 500

The HY-TTC 500 product family is a high-end electronic control solution designed to satisfy upcoming needs for high-end applications in the automotive industry.


HY-TTC 90 is a generic, versatile security control unit suitable for the implementation of safety-related systems according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL C.


HY-TTC 50 is a powerful, cost-effective ECU combining the advantages of a competitive general purpose control unit with specific customer requirements.