ARINC 664: TTESwitch A664 A600 Pro

The TTESwitch A664 A600 Pro is a high-speed deterministic Ethernet switch enabling critical network-centric applications in harsh aerospace environments. This high-performance switch enables packet processing at all 24 ports with full line speeds. TTEthernet technology allows for convenient configuration of the switch during system design time for deterministic processing of critical (time-triggered, rate-constrained) and non-critical Ethernet traffic.

Key Features

  • RTCA DO254/DO-178C/DO-160G certifiable network switch
  • Robust 24+1 port deterministic Ethernet switch for mixed-criticality networks and hard real-time control
  • Full line speed switching performance
  • Partitioning between three traffic classes (standard, rate-constrained and time-triggered Ethernet traffic)
  • Built-in management module for network monitoring (SNMP) and data loading (ARINC 615A/TFTP)

Availability upon request