Development Switches

Development Switches

TTTech’s development switches for the aerospace market are based on our core-technology the time-triggered Ethernet TTEthernet as well as AFDX.

TTESwitch A664 Lab

The switch supports multi-environment development efforts for hard real-time operations in distributed systems and three different traffic classes.

TTEDevelopment Switch 1 Gbit/s 12 Ports

This TTEthernet-based development switch supports 12 Ethernet ports running at a maximum of 1 Gbit/s in full-duplex mode at a processing bandwidth of 24 Gbit/s.

TTEMonitoring Switch, 1 Gbit/s, 12 Ports

Complementing the existing offering this monitoring switch supports fast online-mirroring of real-time data going through the operational ports of the switch.

AFDXSwitch Lab

This product provides the full range of technical functionalities of our certifiable production switches making it the optimal solution for various applications.