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First S-97 RAIDER Helicopter Flight with TTEthernet Deterministic Ethernet Solution on Board

TTTech congratulates the Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin teams on the successful S-97 RAIDER™ helicopter first flight. We are proud to supply ruggedized COTS Deterministic Ethernet (TTEthernet) switches and end systems via Lockheed Martin to the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation S-97 RAIDER helicopter program. Our Deterministic TTEthernet networks were selected for the next generation of helicopters with new advanced capabilities and performance – the Sikorsky RAIDER™ demonstration program.

Sikorsky has teamed up with leading aerospace system providers, including Lockheed Martin, for the RAIDER helicopter program to demonstrate break-through rotorcraft design and capabilities based on the X2™ technology. TTTech has been working with Sikorsky on a networked Distributed IMA based on TTEthernet since 2008. Following this successful effort, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin selected TTEthernet as part of the vehicle network for the RAIDER helicopter project.

”We are very pleased with growing aerospace industry interests in our mature Deterministic Ethernet networking products,” says Kurt Doppelbauer, VP of Sales for TTTech. “TTEthernet-based embedded platforms enable the design of novel architectures with new advanced capabilities while solving the majority of the pressing lifecycle and integrations issues.”

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