Development Equipment

A wide range of well-established hard- and software products for all kinds of development efforts are available from TTTech. These have been used in space, aerospace and industrial development programs in the past. In addition TTTech has experience with the integration of precision computers as offered by National Instruments or Concurrent Computers.

Space Products


Highly reliable equipment and components from TTTech for fault-tolerant computing and data networking under extreme conditions like space-flight.

TTESwitch Controller Space

The TTESwitch Controller Space from TTTech providing SAE AS6802, ARINC 664 p7 and IEEE 802.3 switch functions in a radiation-tolerant, highly reliable integrated circuit.

TTEEnd System Controller Space

The TTEEnd System Controller Space from TTTech providing SAE AS6802, ARINC 664 p7 and IEEE 802.3 functions in a radiation-tolerant, highly reliable integrated circuit.

TTESwitch OBC HiRel

The TTESwitch OBC HiRel offers a high-performance CPU combined with a Time-Triggered Ethernet Switch.

Space graded ASICs for both switches and end-systems are in development. Please contact us if you require further information on these.

Ultimate Reliability with TTTech's Space Products

TTTech offers space products for human space flight, launchers, other space vehicles and related test facilities. The offering includes chip IP cores, ASIC development, development switches, network interface cards (end systems) and configuration tools (development tools).

With space products from TTTech customers benefit from scalable and modular architectures, determinism, secure partitioning, built-in scalable fault-tolerance, increased bandwidth, a single network fully compliant with standard Ethernet, fault-tolerant distributed clock synchronization and cost-competitive cross-industry technology.

TTTech’s space products have been deployed by NASA with TTEthernet functioning as the backbone of the NASA Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV). Currently a lot of work is also being carried out in Europe with the objective to demonstrate the applicability of Integrated Modular Avionics and advanced embedded computing concepts to all kinds of space vehicles as well as to develop a new family of European TTEthernet solutions for space applications.

TTTech was also involved in the OBC-SA Project, funded by the German Aerospace and Space Agency (DLR). TTTech was responsible for the networking sub-project “Deterministic Real-Time Ethernet for Space Computing Platforms”. Within this sub-project, Deterministic Ethernet technology was further developed to target the specific requirements for future space applications in a European context.