Safety Solution for Brusa AG's inverter for electric vehicles

The intrinsic safety of the inverter plays a central role in a safe overall system in electric vehicles. Brusa Elektronik AG, manufacturer and developer of highly-efficient power electronics for electrical mobiliy, relies on the Inverter Safety Unit (ISU) as a generic, integral part of the 106 kW DMC524 inverter.

The ISU, which is integrated into the housing of the inverter, has special sensors and innovative algorithms for ascertaining the effective torque, and for independent detection of errors that could lead to a violation of safety goals. In the case of an inadmissable deviation between the desired and the effective torque, the electrical power train goes through internal and external switch-off paths into a safe state.

Protection of the power train according to ISO 26262 is guaranteed by the modular safety unit, which can be retrofitted. Safety validation is thus largely independent of the concrete realization of the inverter and electric motor, and thus it is possible to develop them further at low cost, as well as adapting them to the vehicle.

This concept is standard in the electric version of the Volvo C30 series.