Safety Control Unit complements Akasol's modular battery system

Akasol Engineering GmbH, developer and supplier of high-performance custom lithium-ion battery systems for electrically powered vehicles and stationary systems, has chosen the control unit TTC 90 as supplementary safety component for their battery system. Last year at the eCarTec Awards, the company won in the category storage technology/system integration for the Akasol Intelligent Battery System (AIBAS), a lithium-ion battery system based on their own high-integrity modules.

The product portfolio, consisting of high-quality, energy-efficient and customer-specific battery systems from Akasol Engineering, is supplemented by the generic safety control unit TTC 90 from TTTech Automotive. The safety control unit is used as battery management system (BMS) master in the battery concept. This independent monitoring unit is integrated into the Akasol module and is responsible for overall battery control as well as for the monitoring of all safety-relevant functions. Furthermore, the thermal system of the battery, which is highly powerful but has an extremely compact design, is also controlled by the TTC 90.