TTESwitch A664 6U VPX Rugged

A robust, powerful high-performance 16 port 1 Gbit/s Deterministic Ethernet switch for aircraft and rotocraft electronics

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TTE-Switch A664 6U VPX Rugged

AeroQ - DO-330 Qualified Tool for Analysis and Formal V&V of Aerospace Networks

AeroQ is a DO-330 qualified tool for formal proof of heterogeneous aerospace networks like ARINC 664 part 7, ARINC 429 and ARINC 825, engineered to profile networks and characterize timing behavior

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AeroQ - DO-330 Qualified Tool for Analysis and Formal V&V of Aerospace Networks

Advanced Control Systems for Boeing 787 Dreamliner Family (-8, -9, -10)

UTAS delivers electric and environmental control systems and has chosen TTTech to support the development of a TTP based data communication platform

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Certifiable Gbit AFDX / TTEthernet Switch for Hard Real-Time Data Communication

TTESwitch A664 A600 Pro is a high-speed, certifiable deterministic Ethernet switch enabling critical network-centric applications in harsh aerospace environments. An AFDX switch variant is also available.

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TTE-Switch A664 A600 Pro

Embraer Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 Fly-by-Wire Systems With TTP

BAE Systems and Parker have developed the fly-by-wire system for Embraer and selected DO254 TTP based products from TTTech as the backbone network

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Embraer Legacy




Aerospace switches and other flight and rugged hardware integrated aircraft systems




  • DASIA Data Systems In Aerospace Conference 2018

    五月 29, 2018 - May 29-31, 2018: Meet the TTTech aerospace team at booth # 7 during the DASIA 2018 conference in Oxford, UK. We are looking forward to presenting our portfolio of High-Rel components for Ethernet networking applications, designed for usage under extreme conditions.

  • Aviation Electronics Europe

    六月 19, 2018 - June 19-20, 2018: TTTech will be at the Aviation Electronics Europe in Munich, Germany. Visit us at booth # B12 and discuss our portfolio of certifiable Aerospace solutions with our experts. We are looking forward to presenting you our product highlights such as the TTESwitch Controller Space and the TTEEnd System A664 Pro.

  • Embraer E190-E2 with TTTech technology on board received triple certification

    三月 29, 2018 - The new Embraer E190-E2 received a type certificate from three major worldwide certification authorities simultaneously, the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil – ANAC), the FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration) and the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).



  • 可扩展和模块化的体系结构
  • 简化的整合和重新配置
  • 降低复杂性和系统的生命周期成本
  • 关键系统跨行业的标准
  • 卓越的大型商业项目




  • 确定性网络(AFDX®,TTEthernet®TTP®
  • DO-178/DO-254嵌入式平台COTS组件
  • 确定性的嵌入式平台解决方案
  • 先进的设计,集成和生命周期方案
Aerospace Applications


  • 航空电子/ IMA/ DIMA
  • 飞行控制/飞线控
  • 分布式发电平台
  • 发动机控制(DEC/ FADEC)
  • 起落架系统
  • 其他公用系统如空气管理,燃油系统, ...
  • 确定性及统一的以太网网络
  • 先进的集成系统
  • 集成的模块化架构具有硬实时功能
  • 高完整性系统
  • 混合临界系统



  • 工程服务
  • 咨询:架构,系统集成
  • 咨询/工程:平台/ COTS的集成/认证
  • 咨询:系统生命周期方法
  • 生产,报废和平台生命周期管理




  • 开放跨行业标准的SAE AS6003
  • DO-254和DO-178B A级
  • TTP 4兆位/秒及20 兆位/秒
  • 物理层要达到DO-160F5级
  • 总线和星形拓扑结构
  • 支持紧耦合的控制回路


  • DO-254和DO-178C DAL A
  • 10/100/1000兆位/秒
  • 灵活的BAG/抖动配置选项
  • 低功耗优化的交换架构
  • 硬件实现冗余管理和IP / UDP


  • DO-254和DO-178C DAL A
  • DO-160F和MIL-STD-810G
  • 10/100/1000兆位/秒
  • 固定延迟和微秒抖动
  • 第2层的QoS流量类别:IEEE 802.3,ARINC 664 P7,SAE AS6802
  • 最多三个通道支持使TMR架构